Remote Management and Control via Satellite

Well Efficiency System goes beyond just well monitoring. With real-time updates via ORBCOMM’s satellite communications network, the Well Efficiency system enables well owners to monitor and control their equipment effectively right from their computer or smart phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Well Efficiency System Benefits

Maximize oil production Efficiency, Reduce Operating Costs, Improve Environmental Footprint, Decrease Energy Consumption, Elimination of oil spills and leaks, Reduced well cup failure and decreases brine.

Change Pump Settings Remotely

The operator will receive valuable dashboard data summaries for every well. Pump settings, cycle setting changes and relevant histories are easily monitored from your computer. Additionally, any pump setting(s) can be changed from your computer or smart phone, virtually eliminating site visits to the field.

Maximize Oil Production Efficiency

By pumping shorter cycles, power consumption is greatly reduced, which maximizes energy savings. By only pumping when fluid is present, the well owner can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on critical pump components and motors and potentially increase the volume of oil production.

Reduce Operating Costs

With complete control over pump down, the owner will never pump the well dry, improving operational safety and in a long run reducing well cup failure and thus saving on costly cup burnouts.

Reduce risk and ensure compliance

The high-pressure control sensor integrated into the Well Efficiency valve allows the well owner to run the well year round, even in cold weather. Under normal conditions, the pump will shut down due to high flow line pressure caused by low temperature, and the owner will receive an immediate alarm via text or e-mail from the Well Watcher Assistant, Well Efficiency real-time visibility tool.

Web-based maintenance tracking

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Alerts on critical circumstance

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